Second semester is well under way here at OSU and things for me have been pretty INSANE. I’m taking 18 credit hours so I feel like I’m working a 9 to 5 job with no monetary pay (sadface) but I am definitely learning a lot. One of those things is photoshop!

Just a little about the images I edited:

The first picture is a layered image of myself that was already blurred when it was taken, and a picture I took of trees during a walk in the park. The words in the trees are brought to you by Bon Iver and the lyrics to Up In The Woods. Great, right?

The second picture is a layered image of people walking in front of the Union yesterday as I was walking in a blizzard and a selfie of myself walking in that same blizzard. I also added a fun little image of Olaf the Snowman from my favorite movie of the moment, Frozen!

Hopefully with more practice I can get better at this and not spend 2 hours in the media lab.

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