A night with musicians. The Department of Dance here at Ohio State is a very close-knit community. Especially as a freshman, a majority of my friends are dance majors in the class of 2017. We hang out together and because we share a lot of the same experiences we have own lingo and conversation topics that are foreign to others that don’t dance. For my documentary, I got a glimpse into the world of a musician is different than a dancer’s, but parallels very well.

Here we have, Jamming with Alex and Alex.

I’ll be honest. When Sofie gave us the documentary assignment, I had no idea what I was going to film. In a class pow-wow everyone was sharing their bright ideas and I couldn’t come up with anything and I didn’t have a lot of time to come up with anything either. One night I was just hanging out with my friends Alex, Alex, and Erica talking about music. Alex Thesken and Alex Blumenthaler are both musically inclined–both are in Men’s Glee Club on campus, Thesken plays the guitar, and Blumenthaler plays the bass and sometimes dabbles in guitar as he does in this video. I noticed that they talked about things in music that only a musician would know, versus myself. At the same time, I noticed a lot of similarities with how dancers talk to each other. The only difference was the language. For once, I felt like they did when they hung out with dance majors–totally lost.

So I just grabbed my camera and started filming things as they happened.

I didn’t ask the boys any questions, I just captured the magical moments as they happened. I didn’t manipulate anything in the room either. Everything captured is very organic which I think gives a good look into a night with Alex and Alex.

Thanks so much to Alex and Alex for being so awesome and themselves!

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