I have never experienced a fullness in my heart as unconditional as the love I have for Brazil and our repertory company. A year ago we started preparing for the experience of a life time and I am still in awe of the fact that this is my life. For the first time I was a performer, a videographer, a writer and a researcher all in the same breath. I was funded to be the videographer of our experience and for the first time I was directing my own personal project.

To be honest, I would not immediately  advise anyone to be a performer and a videographer at the same time. It was stressful, hard and confusing at times. There is a serious time crunch when you’re wearing two hats. At the same time, however, being in the experience and capturing the importance of hard work, relationships, bonds and fun was exactly what I wanted to show the world.

I am so happy to announce that I finished my mini-film! It has been insane the re-watch the gems of our tour over and over again. My Facebook has been flooded with loving comments from my peers and Portuguese exclamations from the beautiful students we met and came to love in Brazil.

This is why I stressed myself out. This is why I worked so hard.

For the umpteenth time I want to thank my family in the Brazil Tour Group, Jessica Rutherford and Fernando Lima e Morato for teaching us so much, Clara Ramos for making Brazil feel like home, and everyone who touched my soul along the way. I will cherish this forever. Forever.

OSU Dance to Brazil from Gabriella Wiltz on Vimeo.

OSU Dance Brazil Tour Group 2016 (Promo) from Department of Dance, OSU on Vimeo.


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